Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hop, Skip and A Jump

Nothing beats a great pencil skirt, unless ofcourse it's a great pencil skirt which was given to you for free from your stylist S-I-L (sister-in-law).

I went for my usual morning [decaf] coffee run. Not that there was much running. In fact, my pencil skirt was so...form fitting that my normal 10 minute jaunt, took 25 minutes of very small, hip swivelling steps. I felt like a 1950's secretary. It was exhausting.

The rubber necking from the construction workers on the street made it worth the trouble. That is until I returned to my office building, only to learn my skirt was too tight to climb back up the steps to my building.

So, being the crafty do-it-yourself kinda gal, I put my peep-toe heels together and hopped up each and every step. Sure, I probably looked a bit off. After all, hopping isn't exactly sexy unless you're hanging out with Hugh Hefner. But I made it back to my desk. Coffee intact. Pride...not so much.


  1. Just like Mrs. Wiggins! I pretended to be her all the time when I was a little girl. I would walk around as if my legs were glued together while I filed my nails and said, "My name is Mrs. ha-Wiggins".


  2. Ahhhhhhhhh....happy to hear my S-I-L is still turning heads/breaking necks despite the prominent wedding band on her hand :)

    However, let's have a discussion about that is really important: my alias.

    I cannot possibly be a 'Misty', like that old Redhead-Next-Door girl wanted to call me. That name sounds far too trampy (uh, hello??? I am the SIL that likes to wear very tight pencil skirts! uhhhhhhhhhhhh...never, mind - maybe that doesn't quite support my argument).

    Nonetheless, I think I should be able to choose my name. Especially if 'Paul' gets to turn into 'Dick' :)

    Thus, I would like to propose a new 'Life with Dick' SIL identity ----- KATRINA. Love it! It really quite rolls off the tongue in a cat-like, pencil-skirt-wearing kinda way, doesn't it?!?

  3. Amy: Must have been before my time ;)

    Formerly Misty: Seriously? Katrina? I'm not sure if you're a salsa dancer or full of hot air. *tee hee* You might as well pick one for BIL while you're at it. Fair is fair Katrina. I can't even write that with a straight face!

  4. That was far too cute. I can almost imagine you in that scenario. Have a great weekend guys.


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