Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teenie Weenie

[Disclaimer: I apologize in advance to my mother, who is probably reading this.]

There are certain things I want to cross off my "list" of things to do before I die. Like a bucket list, but I was on to the idea way before the movie ever made it hip. Besides, you know how I like my lists.

So when I got the opportunity to par-take in a bachelorette party over the weekend, I said "sign me up!" [Seriously, you had to get on the list, they're weren't just letting ANYONE in].

This party had several things going for it. #1. I was invited (so obvious), #2. they were going to be serving cosmos...out of a keg! and #3. there was going to be some "entertainment" of the hunky naked variety.

Now I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I (up until this weekend) had never set my eyes [knowingly] on a stripper. I certainly hadn't seen a [professional] strip show (unless you count my Carmen Electra strip aerobics workout video). Afterall, I grew up in a small town. If you called a stripper, he was probably going to turn out to be your grade 12 English teacher, or the local grocery bagboy.

To be honest, I was dead curious. And NOT for the reasons you think. All my weenie wiggler* knowledge came from TV and movies. I was wondering how he was going to fit all those $1 coins in his g-string since Canada no longer has a $1 bill (or even a $2 bill). It brought new meaning to the phrase, shake your money maker. I mean, he could really hurt himself swinging all that coin in his banana hammock.  Luckily our hostess (aka my sister-in-law) thought of everything - she'd gotten some $1 american bills at the bank. We played some games which will remain anonymous, and I won a fistfull. I tucked them into my bra (for safe keeping).

I was informed the stripper's name was Tommy (probably not his real name). It seemed kind of unimaginative for a stripper name. I was expecting something exotic like Wild Bill Hiscock or Doctor Feelgood. Sigh.

Alrighty. I could look past the bad name. I was told by my S-I-L that Tommy would be arriving dressed as a cop. Hmmmm, Officer Tommy. Slightly better. Unfortunately he was an hour late, so by the time he showed up with his pimp (I kid you not!) we were well refreshed. My lips were dry from all that drinking and salavating, so I ran to apply some lippy before the main event. I ran into Tommy (literally) in the hallwall. He smiled. Like someone who knew a secret. I noted that his cop hat seemed a bit too big for his head. But who am I to judge? Small headed strippers need to work too.

Ok, forget the lippy. I hauled ass back to the livingroom to get a good seat. The music started... Ladies and gentlemen, what I witnessed was can't even describe it. Oh wait, maybe they can. Bare with me.

First of all, it is NOT like the movies. Strippers (well, from my extensive experience with only 1) do not do "tricks". There were possibilities (and I'm not talking crazy Cirque de Soleil shit or anything), but nada. The buck literally stopped there.

Secondly, Officer Tommy was not wearing a standard-issue g-string. He was wearing nothing under his uniform. Now I've never been a police officer, but I think they do a fair bit of bad guy chasing, which could lead to some unpleasant chaffing if you know what I'm saying.

I spent most of the time covering my eyes. I couldn't watch this naked train wreck. Although, to be fair, he never was completely naked. He carried a small (very very small) hand towel in front of his *ahem* pistol, and then later a baseball cap. I found that very odd.

I quickly learned that Tommy was working hard on the girls who's money was peeking out of their bras. So I did what any self respecting married woman would do - shoved my money up my unmarried girlfriend's dress.

Before Tommy was done doin' his thang, our party was crashed by three teenage boys who were walking by and saw the stripper through the window blinds. Also, very odd.

Not to be put-off, my S-I-L asked if we wanted to go to the Rodeo! Turns out the Rodeo is a meat-market country and western bar and not an actual Rodeo. I was bummed, but perked up when I got ID'd at the door. I was just a little too excited about being ID'd so the bouncer took a good look at me (up and down) and decided I was at least 19. Gravity strikes again!

No sooner were we in the door when I was accosted by some yankee looking to take me for a twirl on the dancefloor. I politely declined pretended to be a foreign national who did not speak English. I was debating introducing myself as Ho No from the Orient when I was saved by my S-I-L with two words "mechanical bull."  I almost peed in my pants, not just because I was saved from attempting to pull off an Oriental accent, but because I could strike something else off my list. Hopefully, I would not be introducing myself later as Ho Down.

Now, I've never actually seen a mechanical bull in real life. But they look so fun on TV and in movies. Apparently I need to get out more instead of using TV and movies to do life research. Sadly, my showdown with the bronze bronco was put out to pasture (they only take the mechanical bull out during special occasions and having a famous loveable blogger come to your establishment does not count).

I guess I still have a few things to do on that list.

* I cannot take credit for the affectionate term "weenie wiggler". This is what Paul calls male strippers.