Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Squirt

I was chatting with my Mum tonight and Dad decided to join in. It always makes for interesting convo when Dad's on the other extension.

After catching up on the weekend, we got to talking about hair. We were laughing about the time I cut all my hair off within an inch of its life. My Dad was not so crazy about the idea then. And he's not so crazy about the idea now. He's very opinionated about my hair. Funny enough, he doesn't have any.

Anyhoo, I was saying how every one needs to do their own thing with their hair. And my motto, especially when it came to that particular hair cut was "live and learn." Diddo for the time I couldn't be patient and wait for my bangs to grow so I shaved them off. Right before a professional photo shoot.

The three of us started dishing on the hair wizardry of a local salon talon and how she once convinced me to perm my [uber naturally curly] hair.

Mum: "I don't remember that!"
Me: "I do. And so does my therapist."
Mum: "I don't think I would have let her do that to your hair. Where was I?"
Me: "Mom, you were right there. She convinced us that the perm would "counter balance" my natural curl."
Mum: [laughing] "I really don't remember that! When was this?"
Me: "It was the summer before Grade 9. Remember, I had to walk around town with a mini-spray bottle of water in my pocket so I could keep spritzing my hair so it would stay wet. It went totally frizzy when it dried. I spent the whole summer looking like a) I took A LOT of showers or b) I had a major sweating problem."
Dad: "Ha! Live and learn."
Mum: "I'm going to have to dig out some old photos!"
Me: "Mum, I think my therapist wants to meet you." 

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