Monday, August 16, 2010

Before I Was A Blogger...

Ah yes, the Robinson sisters. Back when we were innocent, and I knew how to rock a pair of Addidas short shorts and a page boy cap. [It's no wonder my parents didn't encourage me to become a fashion designer and it's no wonder I had to explain to random strangers that I was actually a girl, and not a boy].

It's like we're holding onto each other for dear life! But that was back when I was...7? I have no idea how old I am here. I'm the worst with ages (especially my own). I think I'm 5 in every photo I see from when I was a kid. This might explain why I'm always forgetting how old I am, even now.

I said MIGHT explain...

Anyhoo, we had our share of fights. One time I was pretending to catch fish (the fish being my sister's feet - what can I say, I had a great imagination even then!). Unfortunately the "fish" were ticklish and my sister kicked me in the jaw, driving my teeth through my tongue. There is also an apartment wall in the city that will forever be mamed from the high heel that was thrown into it. Luckily my reflexes have improved over time. Thankfully my sister's aim has not.

For the first time in our lives, my sister and I are both the same hair color (L'Oreal Intense Red). There was this one time in university I wanted to become a blonde. So I bleached the red out of my hair. I couldn't decide which shade of blonde to try (why are there so many shades of blonde!?!), so I did what any self-respecting single mom would do - I let my three year old pick for me. Aidan opted for "Tahitian Sunrise". Apparently sunrises are bright orange in Tahiti. I had to work that morning at the university, so a quick fix was in order. I tried to cover the sunrise with a dark chocolate brown, and ended up with midnight black. It was the only time that I've been all four hair colors in 24 hours. Basecaps and dark alleys were my friend.

For the first time in our lives, my sister and I look like we're sisters. It's a nice feeling. Maybe I'm not adopted after all.

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