Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Before I Was A Blogger...

Yes, because bloggers were once real people too... I've decided to start a new recurring segment (to the horror of my parents I'm sure) called "Before I Was A Blogger." Featuring pictures of moi.

That's me (left), aged 5-ish. Ah, the look of innocence. I'm sure that pre-bunny-boiling smile was a mask I wore while taking very detailed notes in my head about the victimization occuring in this photo. The hair. That outfit. Those socks! Clearly, my parents were partaking in all the 1970's had to offer *wink wink*.

Did I mention my dad is color-blind? Seriously. My dad still thinks I'm a blonde, like my sister. This photo explains why I almost always wear dresses, get a rash within 10 meters of wool, cry during episodes of "What Not To Wear", use a liberal amount of hair gel, have a soft spot for librarians and my therapist on speed dial. 

I think all writers experienced some sort of colorful childhood trauma. How boring would it be to write about being normal? So thanks Mum and Dad - I owe you one!  I wonder what you'll be wearing at the nursing home? [insert evil laugh here]

xoxo, Erika


  1. Hey, it was the 70's, didn't everyone dress like this! I am trying to figure out where this picture was taken, very curious background here...MJ

  2. I can't believe you don't recognize that tell-tale wall panelling mom, er...I mean MJ. It's still on the wall at your neighbors house ;)

  3. I thought it was nana and papa H house- upstairs in the bedroom but then again, you body would be outward. very cute picture and your bang on, being normal is a drag, everyone loves curiously different :)

  4. You were close sis - it is Nana and Papa's house (but the downstairs bedroom). I should get t-shirts made with that slogan - "curiously different" - LOVE IT!


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